Spring Water

The Bubbles

The Bubbles

Since 1988, our crew at Mount Desert Spring Water has bottled and delivered the clean and pristine taste that only Natural Maine Spring Water can provide. Our spring water spouts from deep within the rocks and earth of Mount Desert Island, an area surrounded by Maine’s two most natural and greatest attributes; the Atlantic Ocean and Acadia National Park. Our water’s premium quality is solidly preserved by a simple and ancient process of nature.

The Source of Our Water

The source for Mount Desert Spring Water is located on our premises at 78 Seal Cove Road in Southwest Harbor, Maine. The spring has been an approved source from which to sell bottled water in the State of Maine since January 1977. We are in compliance with CFR 21 part 129 of the Food and Drug Administration Regulations and 10-144a chapter 235 of the State of Maine Bottled Water Rules.

To increase our flow rate, we drilled a protected borehole adjacent to the spring, tapping the same underground formation that feeds the spring. This protected borehole has all the same physical properties, composition and quality as the water source in the spring house.

How Bottled Water is Prepared

Our bottled water is protected by a multi-barrier approach, which includes source protection and monitoring, micron filtration, Ozonation and the application of UV light. As a member of the International Bottled Water Association, we use a variety of practices to ensure the safety and high quality of our water.